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What can truckers do to avoid becoming distracted while driving?

Truckers have to be sure that they are doing what they can to drive safely. One issue that plagues the trucking industry is smartphone use. Truckers who use their phones while they are driving put themselves, their cargo and others on the road in considerable danger. The American Trucking Association (ATA) issued some guidelines that truckers can follow to help them resist the temptation of distractions while they drive.

How can truckers avoid being tempted by phones?

Keeping the phone put away while they drive is one way that they can avoid being tempted by the phone. If the trucker does want to keep in contact with family members while they are on the road, the truckers should use hands-free devices or communicate when they are stopped.

How can truckers avoid having to eat and drive?

Even though truckers live in their vehicles while they are on long hauls doesn't mean they need to do everything while they drive. Eating is one example of this. Truckers should eat when they are stopped and out of service. Even something as seemingly harmless as eating a granola bar can contribute to an accident.

What other distractions should truckers address?

Another issue that truckers have to think about is items falling or spilling in their vehicle. All items should be secure when they pull out so that there isn't a risk of the items falling or spilling while the trucker is on the road. Think about how devastating it would be if a cup falls and prevents the trucker from using the foot pedals because it gets lodged around the pedals.

For the victims of semi truck crashes, finding out the cause of the crash is one step in seeking compensation. If the cause is a distraction, that information can be cited in the claim.

Source: American Trucking Associations, "Professional Truck Drivers Need Your Help in Eliminating Distracted Driving," accessed March 09, 2017

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