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Man in fatal Virginia accident had laundry list of prior charges

| May 24, 2017 | Uncategorized

The nation is becoming increasingly aware that many people somehow escape punishment for their wrongdoing. While it is true that jails and prisons are overcrowded, most people agree that something needs to be done about this widespread problem. A recent fatal car accident that occurred in Virginia Beach is just one tragic example of how the legal system can sometimes fail law-abiding citizens.

Last Friday afternoon, a high school senior was killed and another critically injured when a man with a laundry list of prior criminal and traffic charges crashed into the vehicle carrying the youths. The 31-year-old defendant was arrested on charges of “involuntary manslaughter, maiming, hit and run, DUI and driving on a suspended license.”

Unfortunately, this was not the driver’s first run-in with the law. Below is a list of the driver’s previous traffic and criminal history.

— Driving with a suspended license

— Firing a gun in public

— Public drunkenness

— Possession of marijuana

— Possession of controlled substances

— Carrying a concealed weapon

— Indecent exposure

— Failure to yield

— Speeding

­– Defective vehicle equipment

Many of the above charges were still pending at the time of the car accident, but the defendant had been found guilty of at least some of the charges. Sadly, he only served eight days in jail despite the guilty verdict.

It can be argued that had the defendant been incarcerated for his crimes, the car accident that killed a youth would not have occurred. Perhaps even more importantly, an appropriate punishment for the man’s crimes might have deterred him from committing additional criminal acts.

The justice system is far from perfect, but it is still the nation’s best method of punishing those who choose to commit crimes. For victims of personal injury or wrongful death, it is always wise to seek counsel from a lawyer about making sure responsible parties pay for their crimes.

Source: The Virginian-Pilot, “Man charged in fatal Virginia Beach crash has faced previous traffic, criminal charges,” Ryan Murphy, May 20, 2017