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December 2017 Archives

What impact does drowsiness have on a driver's abilities?

There are many things that can impact a Virginia driver's ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. This can include drugs, alcohol and distraction, yet many people overlook the significance and risk of driving while drowsy. Drowsy driving is dangerous, and it places both the driver and everyone else on the road at a higher risk for involvement in an accident.

Liability in accidents involving child cyclists

It is unfortunately most common for a bicycle accident to involve a child rather than an adult cyclist. Children are, of course, more physically vulnerable to head injuries and drivers have an increased level of duty when they are driving in close proximity to a child cyclist.

Actions to take after a dog bite in Virginia

One of the most common types of minor injuries in America today is being bitten or attacked by a dog. This can be a dangerous and also a traumatic experience, that can ultimately lead to scars, medical problems and conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Was your car accident caused by someone's distracted driving

It is an uneasy fact that, when you are traveling the roads, your safety often depends on the good behavior of other people. Many tragedies that occur could have been just as easily prevented if the other driver was being responsible. In addition to drunk driving accidents, a new form of dangerous driving is now emerging -- distracted driving.

Swimming pool accidents and how to avoid them

If you have children, it's likely that they love to have a pool day. You might like to take your children to a pool at your own home, a pool of a friend or to a public swimming pool. Although swimming is a great activity for children, giving them exercise and helping them to learn to be confident swimmers, swimming pools can present a very real danger to children, and safety should be taken seriously at all times. Accidents do happen, and it is important to take every measure possible to avoid them.

What factors can influence blood alcohol concentration?

When you get pulled over by law enforcement officers while driving, it is very likely that they will ask to measure your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) by conducting a breathalyzer test. This will involve you blowing through a tube that will then measure your breath to calculate the percentage of alcohol in your blood, and therefore will determine whether or not you are driving legally.

Settlement options after being hit by a drunk driver

In a world where most of us drive a car daily, accidents are an unfortunate but inevitable part of life. They can occur even when all drivers on the road are being safe and responsible. However, when a car accident occurs because of the fact that there was a driver on the road that was drunk, it can be hard to come to terms with.