In order to make a little cash outside of your regular full-time job, you list yourself as a subcontractor ready to handle tasks both big and small on a local classifieds site. You’re just looking to pick up one-off jobs so you don’t think you don’t take the time to get licensed nor to take out the requisite workers’ compensation coverage all contractors are expected to take out in Virginia.

Nevertheless, you go to your client’s house and head up onto the roof to try to see where that leak is coming from. As you finish up and try and attempt to come back down the ladder, you take a misstep and come crashing down to the ground. You suffer broken bones, a head injury or something worse.

If you’re properly licensed and have workers’ compensation coverage, you would have wanted to immediately contact your carrier to file a claim. You didn’t think the day would come when you’d suffer such a severe injury, though, and you didn’t take out that coverage. If this is the situation you find yourself currently in, then you’re likely wondering what remedies may be available to you to get your medical bills paid.

For homeowners, it may seem unfair to be held liable for a worker’s injuries, especially if a worker failed to take out the necessary insurance coverage that they were required to do so by law. Judges and juries have time after time ruled in favor of injured workers who have filed claims against a homeowner’s insurance policy for reimbursement of lost wages and medical costs.

If you’ve been seriously hurt after suffering an accidental fall on someone else’s property, then a Richmond attorney can advise you of your right to file an injury lawsuit in your respective case.

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