Drivers of passenger vehicles know and appreciate the importance of keeping blind spots in mind. Remembering the fact that they cannot see in certain areas around the car can help them to remain cautious before making a turn or passing. Keeping blind spots in mind can also help drivers to be more careful when interacting with other cars. Being aware when another car cannot see you is very important for your safety.

While blind spots in passenger vehicles can be significant, truck blind spots are even more so. This is because the blind spots tend to be much greater and more underestimated.

Can mirror positioning help to reduce blind spots?

While blind spots for semitrucks are unavoidable, correct mirror positioning can help to reduce them. Additional mirrors can help the truck driver have a wider view, and therefore, that will mean that the blind spots present are narrower.

How can I make other drivers aware of my blind spots?

Many truck drivers also choose to mount warning signs on their truck in order to remind drivers about their decreased visibility. For example, signs might remind drivers of the zones surrounding the truck that they should never linger in.

If a crash is caused due to a blind spot, who is at fault?

Fault after a truck crash is assigned depending on many factors. If the passenger vehicle was inappropriately driving in a “no-zone”, it is possible that they will be considered at fault.

If you were involved in an accident as a truck driver, it is important that you understand how fault is assigned in the state of Virginia.

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