You owe your consciousness, emotions, sensation and movement to your brain. In other words, your brain basically makes you human. It is for this reason that brain injuries can have a profound impact on your life and overall wellbeing.

Sometimes a traumatic brain injury occurs as a result of another individual’s negligence. For example, perhaps a fellow motorist on a Virginia highway hits your motor vehicle and causes you to strike your head against the steering wheel, leading to a brain injury for you. In his scenario, it is within your rights to seek compensation for your injuries in civil court.

The concussion

A concussion is a relatively common kind of brain injury that can quickly happen in a car accident. To develop a concussion, your head must hit a hard object rapidly. When you suffer a concussion, you may or may not lose consciousness. However, even if you remain conscious during the ordeal, you might still experience symptoms like dizziness and confusion, or a feeling of fogginess in your mind.

The diffuse axonal injury

This kind of injury to your brain may occur due to aggressive shaking and rotational forces. As a result of these forces, tears can easily form in your brain, and your brain’s edges may become sheared. All of this shearing and tearing can lead to permanent brain damage due to the serious neurochemical disruptions they cause. Signs that you have suffered this particular type of injury include the disruption of your motor function, memory, motor sensation or olfactory function. You might also suffer a coma.

The contusion

Localized bleeding in your brain, also known as a contusion, can additionally occur in a car accident. In his scenario, a surgeon might need to perform surgery to remove the contusion. Otherwise, a potentially fatal blood clot can form in the area. You might even experience two contusions if your brain ends up striking two different parts of your skull during a high-impact car accident.

What are your rights if you have suffered a brain injury in a car crash?

If a driver has caused you a serious brain injury, you can file a personal injury lawsuit to seek financial damages. If you are successful, you may receive a judicial award of monetary damages. Your award might help you to cover your ongoing medical costs and other losses suffered as result of your brain injury caused by a car crash.

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