We often have a stereotype image of what we believe dangerous drivers to be. Maybe it’s a young teenager who takes too many risks, or perhaps it’s a middle-aged drinker who drives under the the influence of alcohol. However, the people who we might least expect to be dangerous drivers can actually pose a danger.

Parents might not be the people that we first suspect of being dangerous drivers; however, having children present in a car can pose as a major distractaction and create risky habits. Children compete for the attention of the driver and this can mean that they make unsafe decisions and are more likely to become involved in a crash.

Modern interruptions are creating a deadly epidemic

With children in the back seat, parents can be requested to multitask a number of different things while driving. This might be passing toys, giving snacks, putting on DVDs or mediating an argument. Having more technology in cars such as DVD players, music and access to iPads and mobile phones can create chaos and as a result, divided attention for parents. It is important that parents make a purposeful effort to minimise distractions and increase their driving safety.

Concentration is key

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted a survey that found that drivers are four times more distracted by a child passenger and eight times more distracted by a baby passenger than they are by adult passengers. If you believe that distracted driving has caused a crash that you have been involved in, it is important to research the subject and take action as soon as possible.

Source: Parents, “The Most Dangerous Drivers,” accessed June 01, 2018
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